Tees are here!

These shirts were inspired by the Newport slogan “Alive with Pleasure!” and by their 2006 collaboration with Maison Margiela (in which the slogan was printed onto cashmere tank tops).

The blanks that I print on are stretchy + versatile in sizing, however they are KIDS blanks (as many have expressed that they prefer how these fit), therefore I only have tees going upto the equivalent of an size M at the moment. If you’d like a bigger size, lmk on instagram-- if there’s enough interes I’ll print another batch. 

I appreciate your patience and support of these tops, I think now more than ever their message resonates with so many of us.

These tank tops are hand printed by me at Practice Print in Brooklyn, NY and while I print in bulk often, there may be a wait-time (2-6 weeks), depending on current demand.

All Alive with Pressure tanks include a sweet warmvoices tag and come with stickers!